In Panglao (Bohol), The Philippines till Aug 2018

Alexis Cliff Dive Resort

Alexis Cliff Dive Resort

  • Place of both classroom & open water sessions: Alexis Cliff Dive Resort.
  • Direct access to the diving spot. No need to hire a boat.
  • Fundiving on the reef is possible, if conditions and time allow
  • When the water session is finished, you can shower and rinse your diving gear in the resort.

Freediving gear

Peace In Every Breath does not provide diving gear for the students. When booking a course, please make sure to bring your own gear. If you don’t have long freediving fins, don’t worry! Regular, normal sized snorkeling fins are fine for the Freediver Course. Besides fins, please bring a freediving mask, snorkel, diving weight belt + weights (no worries if you don’t have any) and a wetsuit. If you don’t have a wetsuit, that’s ok! Water temperature in Panglao is around 29°C so you’ll do fine without.

A freediving buoy, dive line & bottom weight will be provided. Your instructor Gert will make sure everything is set up according to safety regulations.

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