Take your freediving skills to the next level!

Freedive safety

Training towards peak performance

Some people perform the same dive over and over again in order to feel comfortable at a certain depth before daring to go deeper or perform in a competition. If you have done CWT to 40m for five times already a couple of days prior to the competition, that same dive should be a piece of cake during competition, right? The problem with doing the same dive again and again is that you are not really learning anything new. This not only is a waste of time but also depletes your body. Moreover, it trains your brain to a comfort zone and guess what … a competition is anything but a comfort zone!

I coach you towards peak performance during competition. Or if you’re not competing, i’ll get the best out of you towards the end of your training period.

“Before signing up for the competition, I never thought about trying to go deeper because i was so afraid of depth. But Gert enabled me to build enough confidence to conquer the limits my mind set for me. He made each dive all about being comfortable and believing in myself. On the competition day, he talked me through my fears and doubts. And it worked as I was able to perform at my peak, setting not only a new personal best but also a national record.” – Lorraine Aplasca, Philippine national record holder CWT

No fins freediving – CNF

CNF is by far the most challenging and technical discipline of all 3 depth disciplines (FIM, CWT & CNF). It takes a lot of guts to dive down deep without bi-fins or a monofin to rely on. You’ll need the correct technique, a perfect equalization, and most of all, the right mindset – your mind is everything!

It is time now to level up your CNF. I bring you the right mindset and the necessary skills and your job is to put in the work. As a bonus, you’ll look so much cooler in pictures!

Hands free equalization

I can equalize hands free to about 20-25m. Not deeper. It’s enough for most fun dives, so that’s what i use it for. There are a number of exercises you can do to train the muscles that are responsible for equalising. They will make you understand better the process of equalisation, and eventually – or hopefully – you’ll come to a point where you’ll be able to equalize without pinching your nose.

Note that there is no guarantee for succes. It’s a technique that requires lots of practise and patience, and even then it seems that some people never really succeed. But if you don’t try, you’ll never know …

Breathing for non-freedivers

Are you too busy to focus on the now? No clue what ‘Pranayama’ is?
Little or no meditation/breathwork practice? Then this course is for you!

Want to go deeper into the different breathing and relaxation exercises? That can be done! Hit me up for some individual one-on-one sessions.

“Because it helps me to feel relaxed in a natural en easy way. My breath is always with me. I can do these exercises at any moment of the day, for a short timespan, even at work.” – Peter Thomas, Teacher

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