Take your freediving skills to the next level!

Freedive safety

Training towards peak performance

Some people perform the same dive over and over again in order to feel comfortable at a certain depth before daring to go deeper or perform in a competition. If you have done CWT to 40m for five times already a couple of days prior to the competition, that same dive should be a piece of cake during competition, right? The problem with doing the same dive again and again is that you are not really learning anything new. This not only is a waste of time but also depletes your body. Moreover, it trains your brain to a comfort zone and guess what … a competition is anything but a comfort zone!

I coach you towards peak performance during competition. Or if you’re not competing, i’ll get the best out of you towards the end of your training period.

No fins freediving – CNF

CNF is by far the most challenging and technical discipline of all 3 depth disciplines (FIM, CWT & CNF). It takes a lot of guts to dive down deep without bi-fins or a monofin to rely on. You’ll need the correct technique, a perfect equalization, and most of all, the right mindset – your mind is everything!

It is time now to level up your CNF. I bring you the right mindset and the necessary skills and your job is to put in the work. As a bonus, you’ll look so much cooler in pictures!

Hands free equalization

I can equalize hands free to about 20-25m. Not deeper. It’s enough for most fun dives, so that’s what i use it for. There are a number of exercises you can do to train the muscles that are responsible for equalising. They will make you understand better the process of equalisation, and eventually – or hopefully – you’ll come to a point where you’ll be able to equalize without pinching your nose.

Note that there is no guarantee for succes. It’s a technique that requires lots of practise and patience, and even then it seems that some people never really succeed. But if you don’t try, you’ll never know …

Breathing for non-freedivers

Are you too busy to focus on the now? No clue what ‘Pranayama’ is?
Little or no meditation/breathwork practice? Then this course is for you!

Want to go deeper into the different breathing and relaxation exercises? That can be done! Hit me up for some individual one-on-one sessions.

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