The magnificent art of freediving

Anyone can learn to freedive!

Personal development

Gert cares about you. Whatever your level is, the focus always lies on your personal development and the progress you make. Numbers – how deep you go, how long you hold your breath – are not important. What is important is what you learn and the potential you unlock during the courses. That is why Gert – and any other Apnea Total school – does not work with requirements or written tests. Therefore, tuition is always adjusted to your personal needs, to make sure you feel as comfortable as possible in the water and become the best possible freediver you can be.

I attended the Freediver Course. It was very, very good. I had Gert as an instructor. He was one of the best professor I had in my life, all domain included. Very patient, very professional, very pedagogic.

I already had a decent level in apnea diving, so I thought at first I wouldn’t really benefit from the Freediver Course and it would be a waste of money but it was worth every penny. I would definitely come back to attend a higher level freediving course. I highly recommend. – Mathieu, France.

The experience of peace

For Gert, the dive is a journey that takes place between two breaths — a journey to the ocean depths but it is also an inner journey, both a physiological, and a mental one. Freediving gives you a space, a way to relax your mind and let go of all your tension. Gert brings to us the experience of peace through the practising of freediving.

High quality instruction

Gert’s first priority is safety and correct freediving techniques. Therefore – during the open water sessions – there is a limited amount of 3 students per slot. This makes it possible to provide high quality instruction, and ensures the best possible experience to each individual student.

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