The best project you’ll ever work on is you!

Sleep + Cold Showers

Progress happens while you’re sleeping
. The quality of your sleep is often decisive for the course of the day.
I try to sleep a minimum of 8 hours per night. When freediving or going to the gym that becomes 9 hours. After freediving i powernap at least 45 minutes. To get the best out of my sleep, i use earplugs and a sleeping mask. I look like a dork, but i sleep like a baby. Sleep is my medecine.

Cold showers bring many benefits to your health. Start with warm showers and then shower off cold. First 30 secs, then a minute, then longer. Just do it. You’ll feel awesome.


There was a time when my food went on the scale before eating it. Weighing food has helped me a lot in understanding macro’s: protein, carbs and fat. Nowadays, i don’t really pay attention to how much i eat. I just make sure i eat fresh food most of the time, that means avoiding processed food. The basic rule is: if it can’t grow on a tree, or you can’t get it straight from the earth or the sea, than it’s probably processed and you want to avoid it. I don’t eat bread. I don’t eat dairy. I stopped eating them a long time ago. I like a good piece of meat, chicken or fish. As a breakfast, i usually eat eggs with veggies. And drink water. Lots of water.

Don’t be anal about your nutrition. Enjoy life, enjoy your meals.

Intermittent Fasting

Recently i started experimenting with nutrition timing: intermittent fasting or time restricted eating. I allow myself a window of 9 hours in which i can eat. Let’s say i start having breakfast at 8am. That means i stop eating at 5pm. The only thing that goes in after 5pm is water. No tea, no coffee, no nothing. The idea is to give your body and digestion the necessary time to rest. So far i like it, and i feel great.

Strength Training

strength training

There are times i love going to the gym, and there are times i focus on other things. But whatever happens, or whatever state of mind i’m in, i ALWAYS come back to the basis of powertraining: the 5×5 Stronglifts routine or the 3×5 Starting Strength program. It’s all i need to develop and maintain basic strength and good posture that will help me achieve my goals, whether that is in freediving, in life, or just overall being and feeling stronger. Remember, there exists no strong man in a weak body.

Mental Approach

It’s all just a game. Play!

Peace in Every Breath – Breathing for Unbreakable People.

PEACE IN EVERY BREATH - Breathing for Unbreakable People
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