Gert Leroy

Gert Leroy

For Gert, the dive is a journey that takes place between two breaths —  a journey to the ocean depths but it is also an inner journey, both a physiological, and a mental one. In 2014 Gert founded the “Peace in Every Breath – Breathing for Unbreakable People”, through this project Gert uses knowledge from his extensive freediving practice to help clients to develop breathing techniques which enhance their lives and general sense of wellbeing and happiness.

Gert is passionate about helping people reach a place of peace – a place which is increasingly difficult to find in our busy and modern lives. Too often, our senses are bombarded by social media, the ever-present horror of the news, crowds, traffic, and preoccupation with material possessions. We’re under so much pressure. Our minds are overworked, we are always stressed. We carry tension in our shoulders, our chests, and our breathing becomes shallow. Freediving gives you a space, a way to relax your mind and let go of all your tension. Gert brings to us the experience of peace through the practising of freediving.

Our breath is our most important possession in our lives. Before money, property, prestige, or power, it is our most precious commodity. Breathing gives pace to our lives, when we learn how to breathe better we learn necessary skills for living better, and feeling better.

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