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This channel is all about freediving tips, techniques, and training. For the non-freedivers it features videos on breathing techniques and breath-holding on land.

Hi, I’m Gert Leroy. Helping You Master Freediving.

For me, the dive is a journey that takes place between two breaths – a journey to the ocean depths but it is also an inner journey, both a physiological, and a mental one.

I’m passionate about helping people reach a place of peace – a place which is increasingly difficult to find in our busy and modern lives. Too often, our senses are bombarded by social media, the ever-present horror of the news, crowds, traffic, and preoccupation with material possessions. We’re under so much pressure. Our minds are overworked, we are always stressed.

  • Master Your Mind
  • Master Your Breath
  • Master Freediving

Freediving gives you a space, a way to relax your mind and let go of all your tension. I bring to you the experience of peace through the practising of free diving.

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freediving course

How To Get Started With Freediving 10 Tips for Choosing your First Freediving Course

This E-book will give you a quick understanding of what to look for when searching for a freediving school or instructor. It’s a must read for anyone who wants to start freediving.

Testimonials What people say

“Gert gives you space to experience the feeling of freedom that comes with freediving, while he watches every move you make and points out small adjustments. He wants you to make progress gradually, without getting overwhelmed. I highly appreciate his approach.” – Carolien

“I opted for the 1hr video call with Gert for some coaching and man, I can tell you – I got more than my monies worth! Very knowledgeable on all facets of freediving, he quickly spotted problems with my current training and gave me sound guidance on how to improve (and it works as I have been following it!). He goes the extra mile to follow up and provide links/material to assist you after the call. HIGHLY recommended – and I will definitely continue to use his services!” – Martin

“Gert was one of the best teachers I had in my life, all domain included. Very patient, very professional, very pedagogic. I already had a decent level in apnea diving, so I thought at first I wouldn’t really benefit from an introductory course and it would be a waste of money but it was worth every penny. I would definitely come back to attend a higher level freeding course. I highly recommend.” – Mathieu

Gert Leroy

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    Stretching For Freediving
    Stretching For Freediving A 4-Week Beginner’s Training Plan to Increase Flexibility, Dive Deeper & Hold Your Breath Longer

    Simple but effective stretches that will make you noticeably more flexible and a better freediver in a matter of weeks.

    Next ebook coming soon. ...

    Hang on. In the meanwhile binge watch my youtube videos 😉

    Online Coaching For freedivers, spearfishermen & non-freedivers


    1 Hour Program € 59 /h

    1x 60′ session
    1-on-1 video call
    personalized coaching

    For freedivers: learn to find peace through the practising of freediving

    This coaching is for those who have completed one or more freediving courses, and now want to practise and keep on improving skills. Important is you understand the basic principles of freediving and freediving safety.

    We discuss the topics that are relevant to your level. That might include diving technique, equalization, mental techniques, dry training and stretching. A training plan can be put together, if that would be desired.

    For spearfishermen: learn freediving techniques & mindset to improve your spearfishing game

    This coaching is for spearfishermen who want to learn how to dive more comfortably, hold their breath longer, and take care of their buddy in case of emergency. We cover topics that will directly improve your spearfishing game, and discuss safety scenario’s so you can practise your passion in the safest way possible.

    For non-freedivers: learn deep breathing & mind mastering techniques used by freedivers

    You’ve never followed a freediving course, but freediving intrigues you. You find it fascinating how freedivers can hold their breath for several minutes and dive deep, without the help of equipment. You would like to find that same peace that freedivers experience, but without feeling the need for diving itself. Well i’ve got good news!

    I can bring to you the experience of peace that the skilled breathing & mind mastering of freediving fosters, on land.

    Contact Please Whatsapp: + 32 498 501918

    Feel free to text me if you have any questions about the services or products i offer on this website. I’ll get back to you as asap!

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