Gert Leroy

Gert Leroy For Gert, the dive is a journey that takes place between two breaths —  a journey to the ocean depths but it is also an inner journey, both a physiological, and a mental one. In 2014 Gert founded

Breathing Course

Are you too busy to focus on the now? No clue what ‘Pranayama’ is? Little or no meditation/breathwork practice? Then this course is for you! Imbalance in our nervous system is responsible for a great deal of disease and dis-ease,

Remote Freedive Coaching

Take your freediving skills to the next level! Training towards peak performance Some people perform the same dive over and over again in order to feel comfortable at a certain depth before daring to go deeper or perform in a

Take your freediving skills to the next level!

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Breathing for Unbreakable People

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What Clients Say

"Before signing up for the competition, I never thought about trying to go deeper because i was so afraid of depth. But Gert enabled me to build enough confidence to conquer the limits my mind set for me. He made each dive all about being comfortable and believing in myself. On the competition day, he talked me through my fears and doubts. And it worked as I was able to perform at my peak, setting not only a new personal best but also a national record."

Lorraine Aplasca Philippine national record holder CWT

“Because it helps me to feel relaxed in a natural en easy way. My breath is always with me. I can do these exercises at any moment of the day, for a short timespan, even at work."

Peter Thomas Teacher