Gert Leroy

Gert Leroy For Gert, the dive is a journey that takes place between two breaths —  a journey to the ocean depths but it is also an inner journey, both a physiological, and a mental one. In 2014 Gert founded

Online Coaching

Improve your freediving skills! ~ Personalized 1-on-1 coaching ~ Price: 200EURO/month Training schedule + constant follow-up 1-on-1 text/chat with Gert For freedivers who want to focus on a specific skill Student must be a certified freediver 1-on-1 Freedive coaching First

Freediver Course

Learn the basics of freediving ~ Just you, your breath, and the ocean ~ 2 days Maximum depth of 20 meters 2 classroom sessions + 2 open water sessions Student must be able to swim 200m with or without fins

~ Book online coaching! ~

Improve your freediving skills! Personalized 1-on-1 coaching

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Gert Leroy - Master Freediving
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What Clients Say

"Such a great experience with Gert! Very professional as an instructor - reassuring, knowledgeable and passionate about freediving. Top class cheers Gert for all your help"

Sophie Jay Advanced Freediver Course @ Freedive Boracay

"It was an amazing experience of observing myself, overcoming my mind and pushing myself forward, thanks Gert for the course, and for the acquaintance with this new world. Looking forward to dive deeper into this discipline."

Andrey Kuznetsov Freediver Course @ Freedive Boracay